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Preliminary Research

Continuity editing is where you select the good parts of the film and edit them together to make a good movie, which is something that the eye can do naturally. The two categories include 'Temporal cutting' and 'Spatial cutting'.

Temporal cutting is showing the audience that the narrative has changed. Also temporal cutting connotes shots to support the narrative development and may be linear progression or not, flashback or flash forward establishes the progression of time.

Spatial cutting is used to create unfilled space through editing shots from different sort of angles and framing shot/reverse shot. Kuleshov effect and parelle editing. Spatial Editing also has a 180 degree rule where you have to imagine there is a line going across separating the room in two. The camera women or man have to follow these rules to stay on one side. If the camera women/man was to change sides they have to show the camera movement because if you didn't show the movement it wouldn't make the film more realistic as it should. There has to be 30 degrees between the shots of the same subject, if their wasn't it wouldn't make the film look as good as it should.

When the camera women is filming a conversation between two people the best camera shot to use is called the 'over the shoulder shot' because when the camera is focusing on the person speaking it will engage the audience to listen carefully to the conversation. Also when using the 'over shoulder shot' its clear to see their facial expressions. An example of this is in the film 'Mean girls'

Shot reverse shot is an important film technique, this is where one character is shown looking at the other character and then the other character is shown looking back at the character, because the characters are shown facing in opposite directions to one another, the audience assumes that they are looking at each other.

In these two images below the camera has used two different types of shots, one of them is a medium close up of a women starting to open her book, then it follows on with a close up of the women's book open as she starts to read. Both of these shots are called match on action shots. When the women's eyes are been drawn to the writing the camera zooms in.

My opinion is that I think coninutiry editing is very important in the process of shooting a film. This is because it is important that the transition between shots run as smooth as possible to ensure that the audience has maximum enjoyment and excitement form the film and no attention is drawn to the change in shot. Without it wouldn't make the film run smoothly it would jump between different shots.

2004 - Mean Girls (Mark Waters)

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