Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Final cut introduction

The aim for today was to create a short role play using a blue screen between a news reporter and the president in front of the white house. I was the news reporter and Siobhan was the President, the scenario was that the white house was under attack but no one knew what by, it could have been by aliens or a goverment experiment. So my self who is the reporter asked the president who was played by Siobhan if she knew what is happening or does she know as much as the rest of us. The President tried to reassure everyone as quick and simple as she could that she dont have any idea what is going on or what is going to happen, all she knows is that it wasnt a goverment experiment.

After filming the news report we tried to use Final cut to put everything together but there was a few problems as the videos on the camera wouldnt transfer onto the computer which is slowing us all down completeing the final cut. Finaly we got the videos to transfer and I and Siobhan started to edit our clip.

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