Friday, 11 November 2011

Treatment Update

The set up for our film opening is set up in the park. We decided to use the wooded area for our film because it would create a tense atmosphere and it invites the emotion of being scared into the audience as they know that the woods is quite, isolated and threatening place to be especially in the dark. Also the horror genre portrays the woods as scary because in most horror films people usually get killed in the woods, for example "The Blair Witch Project" this film is set in the woods because it is the ideal place for camping. The audience wont suspect anything is going to happen. " "

The Equilibrium in our film is the beginning, where everything is normal. The diserquilibrium is what sets the characters off on the adventure and thats usually where the problem lies, for example in Shrek the diserquilibrium is where he goes on an adventure with the donkey to save princess Fiona.

In our film the diserquilibrium is when Scott who plays the geeky kid  asks myself who plays the popular girl out on a date but I rejects him and then humilates him in front of everyone, then he plans revenge when he is invited to join a group of friends, including the popular girl on a camping trip. The new state equilibrium is the ending of the film and how the characters change throughout the ending.
In Our film "When The Clock Strikes 12"  the protagonist which is myself, who portrays herself as the popular beautiful girl who has a mean streak and a history for breaking boys hearts. Her character changes throughout the film and realises life is not just about her. Towards the end of the film, she portrays herself as the hero/heroine because she tries to solve the murders and goes out of her way to try and find out who his identity is. She also realises that its not just her and her friends at stake, its the whole community.

The adversary  in our film is Scott, At the beginning of our film he comes across as a geek who is lonely and has no friends, but then the audience see him as a completely different character. In the middle of our film. The theory of our film "When The Clock Strikes 12" is based on friendship but it involves a twist of humiliation and love.

The 3 act structure of our film "When The Clock Strikes 12" includes:
  • The set up - In our film it is set in a park near a wooded area.
  • The set back which is when Rhys who plays the victim gets killed due to a mistaken identity
  • The resolution which is all the drama e.g trying to solve the murder, running away from the killer screaming and shouting and trying to save your own life and others by fighting off the killer and wins.
The character types for our film are the hero which is myself because I try to stop the killer and save everybody life, the villain is Scott because when he gets rejected by the popular beautiful girl it sends him over the edge and causes him to go mental and he wants to get his revenge. The hero helper (sidekick) in our film is Siobhan because in the film she follows the hero on her adventure to stop the killer and she is there to support the hero but also back her up if things go wrong

2001-Shrek-Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson.
1999-Blair Witch Project-Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez.

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