Friday, 11 November 2011

Our Group Genre Conventions - Final Descisions

For our costumes, we have decided to go really over the top and exaggerated with our costumes because of our comedy horror genre. For example in Scary movie the killers costume is very over the top with a black cloak and a scary mask . At the beginning of the film the Heroine would be very vein and a girly girl with make up and nice clothing as the only thing she really cares about is her looks, but towards the end of the film she realises that she must put others first because their lives are in danger. The geek would wear something like a checkered shirt and glasses to signify his type of character. The Innocent one who turns out to be the geeks friend would act very childish and during the film opening he experiments with womens clothing when he incidently becomes the first victim. And the helper would wear something similar to the friend.

Lighting in our film will be very important but because of where we are setting it in the woods, it will be done for us so for example the darkness of the rest of the wood, Will help with the effect or mystery and make the audience feel a little scared, but the lights from around the camping site should help bring contrast to where the good and evil take place. Lighting use will help because shadows that will fall on the villains face will also help make the audience convinced that he is defiantly the evil and bad person in this film. The shadows created by the moving tree branches and falling leaves, will help as this will also connote that it’s a very eerie place where we are and that there isn't any around for miles.

Props is another very important area for our film as we are doing a horror/comedy we have to use a prop that be found funny but can do damage, so for instance when the killer first try’s to kill the victim we will use a banana as this isn't usually associated with danger or death but it makes the comedy element of our film glow, as no one expect someone to be killed with a banana. This also creates no murder weapon as then the villain can eat the weapon as has going back to his friend leaving no evidence of what killed the victim. Then the main proper killing will be done with a knife as is normally expected in a horror/comedy film.

Mise - En - Scene is actually very easy for us to accomplish due to our location of our film, the wooded area provides the scary mysterious setting we need to accomplish our theme and genre goals. Due to us setting the film at night the dark shadowy trees will reflect the moonlight creating a mysterious effect through the trees and focus all attention on the lights around the camp site. this creates the focus on the campsite but remains that the area that is in darkness is the most scaryest part of the setting.

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