Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Questionnaire Results Analysis

This is a questionnaire myself and my group designed to find out what interests people the most about horror/comedy genres. Our groups film opening is aimed at teenagers aged 15+.  Which means the people we asked to fill out the questionnaire had to be 15+. We asked a variety of different people these questions to see which was the most popular answer and which was the least popular answer. The first question we wanted to know was what genre people liked the most, we come up with different answers they could choose from but the majority of people said that they like comedy films rather then horror or other kind of genres.

We wanted find out what was the most and least popular answer so we know what people expect and like when watching horror or comedy films. We wanted to know what they like because when we are making our film opening we want to include all the things which the audience would like and what would keep them interested and want to know what happens. For example one of the questions we asked was 'what are your expectations when watching a comedy/horror film?' The most popular answer to this was blood/gore which means when we are making our film opening we are going to include over the top and dramatic blood/gore scenes with a twist. We were also able to discover that the audience is humoured by silly costumes, slapstick and murders when they are watching a comedy/horror film.

By doing this questionnaire this helped myself and my group  because now we know what our target audience are interested in and what they are not interested in when watching a horror/comedy genre.

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