Friday, 21 October 2011

Treatment - When the clock strikes 12

The main theme of our film is to get over to the audience clearly that it is a horror/comedy. We are going to do this by creating horror and comedy scenes. For example the killer is going to kill the victim (Rhys) in a hysterical way to make the audience laugh. This would give the audience a big clue that the genre of our movie is a horror/comedy.

The Main ideas of our film include the characters going camping for the night in a lonely deserted park in which the killer will strike and kills his first victim in a hysterical and crazy way by mistaking his identity.

In our film opening we have two main characters, the first victim and as expected the killer. The killers name is called The Striker simply because when the clock strikes 12 the killer strikes. We have made the killer distinctive in our film opening because when the killer kills his victim he leaves a clue in the victims hand to warn others that he will stike over and over again.

The killers goal in our film opening is to manipulate his friends by making them believe that they are best friends, but really he is plotting against them. The killer always says to his friends "keep your friends close and your enemy's closer", but his friends don't think nothing of it. By the killer saying this is his way of warning the victim something bad is going to happen, which sets the mood for the rest of the opening and also creates tension to the audience. The victims goal in the film opening is to enjoy a night out camping with his friends.

There are quite allot of lives at danger in this film opening, especially the victims life because he gets killed first when he just thought he would came out to have an enjoyable night with his close friends. Also the killers repretation will be in danger but the killer is unstopable when the clock strikes 12.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Audience Research

Audience research is really important, it is important because without the audience the media text wouldn't have been created. Also when the audience provide income for the production companies when they purchase DVDs, leaflets, posters and when people go to the cinemas to watch films. This is why it is extremely important that films are advertised to the public as best as it can.

Demographics is about how the audience are categorised. Some people could be categorised because of their gender, age, ethnicity,religion and sometimes a persons sexuality can be categorised. For example different films have a different variety of age ratings such as U, PG, 12, 15 and 18+. Horror films are suitable for 18+ and comedy kids films are either PG or 12+. These are categorised because it makes it easier for the audience who has children to be care full on what age ratings are shown to their children. Another reason why audiences might be categorised is because of their gender e.g. chick flicks such as Love Actually, Mean Girls and The holiday are the types of films that teenage girls or young women would watch because of whats expected to be in the film e.g. boys, pink clothing,comedy, romance, and also chick flick films can also be seen as a fantasy film because if a young teenager was to watch a chick flick film they might want there lives to be like that. Where as an action/horror film e.g. Bad Boys, Fast and Furious and A Nightmare On Elm Street are usually the type of films that teenage boys and young men would watch because of the conventions in that film e.g. girls,violence, guns, car chases and explosions.

There are key audience theories within audience research, they are to help the media understand the relationship between the media and its audiences. The two step flow model is the theory that the film or media text is shown to key people, who then pass on the information and opinions which is usually a film onto their friends or relatives which then could make them want to go and watch it. This also helps advertisement. The Hypodermic needle effect, is a theory in which the media is able to "mass manipulate" the audience into believing what they see in a film. But my own opinion is that I think the one which shows the best relationship between the media and the audience is the two step flow model.

2003 - Love Actually (Richard Curtis)
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2003 - Bad Boys 2 (Michael Bay)
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Monday, 10 October 2011

Mood Board

This is a mood board that myself, Siobhan, Scott and Rhys has put together this represents our genre which is a hybrid comedy and horror. which represents out chosen genre. We come up four key concepts for our genre which are:
  • Stereotypical blonde
  • Survivor
  • Slapstick
  • Silly costumes
We chose slapstick comedy because in most comedy movies the audience would expect to see funny actions, silly costumes and stereotypical blonde's this is because they are shown to the audience as not being very intelligent which would make the audience laugh. In most comedy films there are normally a blonde and also in horror movies there is normally a blonde who is most likely to get murdered first.

In horror films the key concepts the audience would expect to see are death, blood and survivors. We chose these key concepts to put on our mood board because in every horror film the audience knows what the are going to expect they have these key concepts to make the audience feel scared or uncomfortable and also to make the audience feel involved in the film.

A survivor is a good key concept to add to our groups mood board because in most horror film there is always a character who will last till the end and survive while the bad character usually gets killed near the end. This is to create an atmosphere to the audience like its a fairytale because they always end in a happily ever after when they didn't know if they was going to survive or not.

Our group thought of the key concepts for both genres comedy and horror and put them together we shown this on our mood board by putting them into different sections in the top left hand corner are the survivors and the blonde's, the top right and bottom right are the silly costumes and the comedy. By looking at this mood board we wanted people to instantly know the genre and the key concepts we put it in sections to make it more clear for people to understand.

Silly costumes is another key concept our group decided to add to our mood board. We thought silly costumes would be good because in every Horror film, you will always gets a character that will stand out from the rest to show how evil he is they do this by dressing the evil character in black which would show he is dark and evil. The good characters are normally dressed in bright colours this is to show the audience which is the good character and which is the bad character.

Slapstick comedy was the final thing our group decided to add on to our mood board. We come up with the idea to add it on because we decided to combine the genre and make a hybrid Horror/Comedy genre. This means we have to mix elements of the comedy genre with elements of the Horror genre. We relate Horror/ Comedy to the film Scary movie because we thought it is a good example as scary movie is a comedy/ horror genre and this is why we decided to base our piece of filming work on this movie. There is loads of comedy elements throughout the film Scary Movie. For example, when the bad character stabs the blonde girl in the chest and pulls out her implants. This is to make the audience laugh and creates humour.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Genre Research

A Genre is a way of separating films by putting them in different category's such as horror, comedy and action.

The advantages of having a genre is that it lets the audience know what they are going to expect by watching a film e.g. if someone was going to watch a film and they know it is horror they would instantly know what they are going to expect which is violence, blood and death. Everyone has a favorite Genre so by putting them into category's makes it easy for the audience to choose what they want to watch. A genre can also be seen as a way of working through the importance myths and fears and can also offer comforting re assurance in an uncontrollable world which is another way of saying anything can happen in a movie which can not happen in real life. This makes the audience comfortable watching the film because they know it is very unlikely to happen in real life.

The disadvantages of a genre is not always help full to the audience because not every film just has one genre like comedy, action or horror, they can be combined together which may cause confusion to the audience because people now a days would expect different from some one in the 1900's. Another disadvantage is the audience should acknowledge that the genre features will depend on the audiences own understanding and the audience should understand how a film text functions in the relation to a genre instead of being defined by them.

The genre our group has chosen is comedy/ horror. The conventions in a horror include serial killers and murders, and the conventions in a comedy include silly actions and humor. When watching a comedy and horror film the audience would expect to see some horror with blood, death and violence but not that scary to scare the audience so they may not want to watch it like a normal horror would. A comedy and horror would do it in a hysterical way which would make the audience laugh. For example in the film scary movie the killer murders people in a hysterical way which you wouldn't expect to see in a normal horror film. The killers costume isn't as scary as you would expect. This is because the producers didn't want the audience to be really scared, they wanted the audience to feel comfortable watching it so they mixed horror and comedy together.

Guillermo del Toro is a well known Mexican director, producer, screen writer, novelist and also designer. But Guillermo del Toro is mostly known for his acclaimed films such as Hell boy. Hell boy is a supernatural super hero film with well known actors in such as Selma Blair and Ron Perlam.

2004 - HellBoy (Guillermo del Toro)
2000 - Scary Movie (Keenen Ivory Wayans)

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