Friday, 21 October 2011

Treatment - When the clock strikes 12

The main theme of our film is to get over to the audience clearly that it is a horror/comedy. We are going to do this by creating horror and comedy scenes. For example the killer is going to kill the victim (Rhys) in a hysterical way to make the audience laugh. This would give the audience a big clue that the genre of our movie is a horror/comedy.

The Main ideas of our film include the characters going camping for the night in a lonely deserted park in which the killer will strike and kills his first victim in a hysterical and crazy way by mistaking his identity.

In our film opening we have two main characters, the first victim and as expected the killer. The killers name is called The Striker simply because when the clock strikes 12 the killer strikes. We have made the killer distinctive in our film opening because when the killer kills his victim he leaves a clue in the victims hand to warn others that he will stike over and over again.

The killers goal in our film opening is to manipulate his friends by making them believe that they are best friends, but really he is plotting against them. The killer always says to his friends "keep your friends close and your enemy's closer", but his friends don't think nothing of it. By the killer saying this is his way of warning the victim something bad is going to happen, which sets the mood for the rest of the opening and also creates tension to the audience. The victims goal in the film opening is to enjoy a night out camping with his friends.

There are quite allot of lives at danger in this film opening, especially the victims life because he gets killed first when he just thought he would came out to have an enjoyable night with his close friends. Also the killers repretation will be in danger but the killer is unstopable when the clock strikes 12.

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