Thursday, 20 October 2011

Audience Research

Audience research is really important, it is important because without the audience the media text wouldn't have been created. Also when the audience provide income for the production companies when they purchase DVDs, leaflets, posters and when people go to the cinemas to watch films. This is why it is extremely important that films are advertised to the public as best as it can.

Demographics is about how the audience are categorised. Some people could be categorised because of their gender, age, ethnicity,religion and sometimes a persons sexuality can be categorised. For example different films have a different variety of age ratings such as U, PG, 12, 15 and 18+. Horror films are suitable for 18+ and comedy kids films are either PG or 12+. These are categorised because it makes it easier for the audience who has children to be care full on what age ratings are shown to their children. Another reason why audiences might be categorised is because of their gender e.g. chick flicks such as Love Actually, Mean Girls and The holiday are the types of films that teenage girls or young women would watch because of whats expected to be in the film e.g. boys, pink clothing,comedy, romance, and also chick flick films can also be seen as a fantasy film because if a young teenager was to watch a chick flick film they might want there lives to be like that. Where as an action/horror film e.g. Bad Boys, Fast and Furious and A Nightmare On Elm Street are usually the type of films that teenage boys and young men would watch because of the conventions in that film e.g. girls,violence, guns, car chases and explosions.

There are key audience theories within audience research, they are to help the media understand the relationship between the media and its audiences. The two step flow model is the theory that the film or media text is shown to key people, who then pass on the information and opinions which is usually a film onto their friends or relatives which then could make them want to go and watch it. This also helps advertisement. The Hypodermic needle effect, is a theory in which the media is able to "mass manipulate" the audience into believing what they see in a film. But my own opinion is that I think the one which shows the best relationship between the media and the audience is the two step flow model.

2003 - Love Actually (Richard Curtis)
2004 - Mean Girls (Mark Waters)
2006 - The Holiday (Nancy Meyers)
2003 - Bad Boys 2 (Michael Bay)
2011 - Fast and Furious 5 (Justin Linn)
2010 - A Nightmare on Elm Street (Samuel Bayer) Accessed on Thursday 20th October 2011

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