Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Preliminary Task - The Sore Loser

This is our groups preliminary task, the scenario for our task was about arm wrestling between two friends this was called 'The Sore Loser' Scott who is on the left and Rhys who is on the right decided to have an arm wrestle to see who was the strongest. We called this 'The Sore Loser' because Rhys gets angry towards the end because he lost the arm wrestle. The aim of this preliminary task was to show that we know how to use the 180 degree rule when on camera, which is what we done. We made sure that the camera person which was myself showed the change of the camera angle accurately to make the clip look more realistic to the audience. We also made sure that there was 30 degrees between the shots of the same subject because otherwise it wouldn't look as realistic as it could.

There was one type of shot which we used the most throughout the video which was called 'Shot reverse shot' this shot is a very important film technique, this is where one character is shown looking at the other character and then the other character is shown looking back at the character, because the characters are shown facing in opposite directons to one another, the audience assumes that they are looking at each other. The over the shoulder shot is a good angle to use as it focuses on the face and shows the audience their facial expressions which express what they are feeling.

At the beginning of our Preliminary task Rhys was shown walking down the corridor to the door the camera angle used was called a medium long shot then as Rhys goes to open the door the camera angle changes to a medium close up, as Rhys is walking to sit down for the arm wrestle we used a pan shot. 

When making this video a few problems occurred but we managed to work as a group and deal with them. Some of the problems we had where we couldn't find a room to film in as they were all been used for teaching but as a group we never gave up we carried on looking for somewhere to film. We Finlay found a music room which the teacher was happy for us to film in. We also had very limited time to film in and because we couldn't find any where to film we didn't think we would have time and we would have to rush, but we didn't we all worked together and managed to fit everything in before we had to go back to the classroom.

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