Saturday, 7 January 2012

Preliminary Task - The Game

The scenario for our task was about a game on the computer called "The Maze Game" Which is a game where you have to complete the maze and a scary face pops up on the screen which is meant to frighten you. Siobhan convinced Scott to try the game as she was saying it was to scary so Scott wanted to prove Siobhan wrong so he went to play the game for the very first time to prove to his friend (Siobhan) that he was not scared of a challenge.

The aim of this preliminary task was to show that we knew how to use the 180 degree rule when on camera, which is what we did. We made sure that the camera person which was myself showed the change of the camera angles accurately to make the clip more realistic to the audience, we also ensured that there was 30 degrees between the shots of the same subject, we did that because we wanted our clip to look as good as it should. The 180 degree rule was important in the preliminary task because if there wasn't the 180 degree rule it would look like Scott and Siobhan are facing the same way, So using the 180 degree rule it looks like they are having a conversation with each other.

There was one main type of shot that we used a lot in our groups preliminary task, which was called "over the shoulder shot" or it can be called"shot/reverse shot". Our group decided that it would be a good idea to use that specific type of shot because not only did we want the audience to see Siobhan and Scott having a conversation, but we also wanted the audience to be able to see the different facial expressions used, and I was able to do that because when the camera was focusing on Siobhan, I placed camera over Scott's shoulder so the audience could see Siobhan's facial expressions and see the conversation, Also when Scott was talking I placed the camera over Siobhan's shoulder so the audience was able to also see Scott's facial expressions and hear the conversation, and when Scott and Siobhan was having a conversation with each other I placed the camera in front of them at a medium shot angle so the audience was able to see both of them having a conversation. Although there was a moment in the film where Scott said "try me" and we decided that to make that line stand out more dramatically from the rest, we used a close up of his face where he would do a facial expression that told and showed the audience that he was not scared to try the challenge.

These images show the 'over the shoulder shot' angle used in our preliminary task.

This image shows a close up camera angle of Scott's face. We specifically used this camera angle to show the audience Scott's facial expression which shows he is not scared to take on any challenge.

This image shows a medium shot angle of both Scott and Siobhan. We specifically used this type of camera angle because as Scott and Siobhan swap seats the audience can see the movement.

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