Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Wicker Man - Opening Scene

This is an opening scene from the movie Wicker Man. The genre of this film is a horror but by watching the  opening scene you wouldn't think it is a horror straight away because of the high key lightening used. An opening scene is used to engage the audience, showing them exciting segments of the film, which immediately strikes the audience attention.
At the beginning of the opening scene it starts off with a ground shot of a doll been thrown out of the window of a car. (0:01) and the police man on motor bike picks it up and goes and gives it back. This shows that the police man is trying to help and could expect this through out the film (0:02) The camera shot used is a close up which shows the characters facial expression and shows the audience that they are on a road in the middle of no where because you can just see hills and trees.

The lorry crashing into the car is used to make the audience jump and also cause some confusion to the audience because by watching the first opening scene it looks like it is going to be an action movie and not a horror. (0:46) When the car is on fire and the police man runs over to try and save them. He couldn't get to the front of the car so he runs to the back and trys his hardest to save the little girl from getting killed, he reaches his hand in to pull her out which tells you that he would risk his own life just to save some one els who is a stranger to him.

The little girl is just sat there looking at him, not trying to escape and also she has no facial expression its just as if she is looking at something close up. She isn't looking scared or shocked which is what you wouldn't expect if this was to happen in real life. (1:03) which gets the audience thinking and asking themselves to think that maybe the little girl could be involved in the events that occurred.

1973 - Wicker Man (Robin Hardy)

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