Friday, 16 September 2011

Scary Movie Opening Scene

This is an opening scene for the film Scary Movie. The film genre is a hybrid, Comedy and Horror. An opening scene is used to engage the audience, showing them interesting segments of the film, to make them want to watch it. Also the opening scene, shows typical horror/comedy concepts, which immediately strikes the audience.

Scary movie is different to any other scary film, this is because the way in which the killer murders people is more amusing. However in a normal horror film the way the killer murders people is a lot less funny, such as in a horror film there would be loads of volience and blood everywhere but in scary movie the way he kills the young woman isnt voilient the killer does it in a more hysterical way. (3:54)

One of the symbolic codes of this particiluar opening scene is when the young girl is running out of her house and she stops for a moment to look at the signs. (3.07) She ignores the safty one and runs the way the death sign is pointing, this is to make the audience laugh and also it is a clue that she is going to die because she had a choice between running to safety or running into a death trap. She ran the death way because she might of thought they was opersit and the killer was trying to confuse her. Also when the young woman is running and the car drives into her and she flys up in the air this is also used to make the audience laugh. (4.10)

At the begining of this film when the young woman was on the phone there wasnt any background music and the lighting used was dim lighting which represents she dont know what is going to happen but the lightening is dim because the killer knows what he is going to do and the young woman dont know she just thinks some one is having a laugh with her on the phone. when she knows she is in danger their is music in the background and the young woman runs out side where it is dark.

2000 - Scary Movie (Keenen Ivory Wayans)


  1. Chelsea, the level of detail is good and you are on the right track. I like that you have included timings to help the examiner. Please rememeber to add links to other websites, where you can for support. Also to impress the exam boards add as much images/videos etc as you can.

  2. I will make sure that I add images that relate to the work I am doing. And also add links from websites where I got the imformation from and videos to backup the post