Thursday, 29 September 2011

Codes And Conventions Of Film Openings

Most film openings starts off by showing the audience the company logo that made the movie. In the bad boys opening scene it starts off by showing the company logo which is a lady carrying a torch draped in the American flag representing Columbia (0:13) which tells the audience which company made the film and who owns it. The opening scene for scary movie starts off by showing who made the film which is Dimension Films which also tells the audience who owns the movie and made it.

The establishing shots for the movie Scary movie and Bad Boys are completely different. In the film Scary movie it starts off by showing a extreme long shot showing a house (0:04) which creates an effect, which is showing the surroundings and where the movie is going to start before seeing the characters. Where as the bad boys film opening starts off by showing an close up of a car wheel the main characters are driving. (0:34) The film opening for bad boys don't show us first where it is set it just gets straight into the film.

At the end of film openings it shows the title of the film but doesn't mention any of the characters, producers and directors names. At the start of the film opening for bad boys some character names are mentioned but in the film opening for scary movie no character names are mentioned.

The genre conventions in these openings are quite different; In the scary movie opening there are elements of comedy with some horror but they didn't  make the horror extremely scary they do it in a hysterical way to make the audience laugh which is why the genre is a hybrid comedy and horror. In bad boys there are also elements of comedy just like in scary movie.

2000 - Scary Movie (Keenen Ivory Wayans)
2003 - Bad Boys 2  (Michael Bay)

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