Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A movie poster for my groups film genre

This is the film scary movie. The genre of this film is a horror and comedy. The reason it is a comedy and horror is because it is aimed to make people who watch it laugh but also scared at the same time. The low key lighting is used for the scary parts in the film and the high key lightning is mainly for the comedy parts.

This poster is a big clue it is a comedy and horror because there is low key and high key lightening. Also there facial expressions don't generally look like they are frightened in this poster. The one wearing the mask looks as if it is smiling and looking happy which will more then likely make the audience laugh.

In this scary movie poster there is a mixture between dark colours  and bright colours. The dark colours represent evil and the bright colours represent happy and jolly. The title is red which could represent blood and violence. In other horror films when the killer strikes and murders people it makes the audience feel scared and might not want to watch it anymore. But when you watch a comedy and horror film 'scary movie' it makes the audience laugh when the killer murders people.

The poster is communicating to the audience by not making it so scary and putting comedy into the poster which will make the audience think it isn't going to be that scary before they watch it. By looking at the picture they would be able to tell that there is going to be some comedy in it.

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