Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bad Boys Opening Scene

This is an opening scene from the movie bad boys . The genre of this movie is a hybrid, action/adventure. An opening scene is used to show the audience a bit about what the movie is about and try and persuade the audience to watch the whole film.

At the beginning of this opening scene it shows you an image of a car wheel the main characters are driving. This gives the audience a clue that there are going to be allot of car chases. There are also some elements of humor in this opening scene when Martin Lawrence  drops his food in Will Smiths car, this is to make which is used to make the audience laugh.

The key technical codes of this opening is that there are allot of different camera angles the first camera angle is called a ground shot which is showing a extreme close up of a wheel of the car the 2 main characters are driving (0:36) The audience haven't saw the characters yet just the car. This would give the audience an idea that there will be loads of car chases during this film.
The target audience is aimed at teenagers and adults because there are explosions, violence, car chases and also bad language. This movie wouldn't be suitable for young children as they might think it is the right thing to do and start causing trouble and using bad language because they want to be like the main characters in the film.

2003 - Bad Boys 2  (Michael Bay)

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