Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Analysing Movie Poster.

This is a movie poster from the film Legally Blond 2. The Genre of this movie is a comedy. The three codes and conventions of this film are it uses high key lighting and bright colours, which will show it is a comedy because in comedy's the lightning is sunny and bright which represents happiness and laughter.

This movie is aimed at females. You can tell this is aimed at females because of the colour pink which represents soft, beauty and sweetness. The dog is a big clue that this film is aimed at females as well because you wouldn't see a male walking around with a little dog dressed in pink. You would more likely see males walking around with a big dog such as a rottweiler. The colour of the sky is a light blue which suggests it is going to be sunny and bright and not rain this is also a clue to the audience to show it is going to be a comedy.

The camera shot used in this poster is called 'long shot' this shows the whole subject in their environment. Also the body language and facial expressions tells the audience it is a comedy because the character looks happy and jolly. Also it is important that a long shot is used in this poster because the film is about her looks as well. The title is Legally Blond so it is important you see the hair colour because it is what the whole point of the film her being blond.

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